So Fried Snowball? What’s in a name and what’s that all about? More on the name later but firstly Fried Snowball. It’s a dream and a journey we’d like to share with you and invite you to join us in.

We (Chris and Rose) love to make things and especially to fix and repair things and give new life to items that might otherwise be thrown away. Our faith is a big part of our life and we’re trying to share this simpler way by repairing, reusing and making the most of what’s around us – saving us and hopefully you, money!

This has been a dream which has evolved over the past year; starting with a makeover of Rose’s dad’s workshop, through much sorting and packing over the summer, to moving to Bordeaux in September. Still much to do but we’ll tell you about that later.

And just to satisfy your curiosity on the name – when asked the question ‘what’s for tea’ Chris’ Gran would reply ‘ a rasher of wind and a fried snowball.’ So really nothing else would do!