Moving, especially in the summer, is not something to be recommended! After 27 years in one place it is truly amazing how much stuff (ours and everyone else’s it seems) accumulates. We got into a routine – Rose packing, Chris moving. Our main problem now is fitting the contents of a 3 bedroom house, with a sizable floored loft, a workshop, a boiler house and 2 garden sheds into a 3 bedded bungalow. Thank goodness for Chris’ newly kitted out workshop with sturdy benches in addition to the greenhouse for the overflow!

Shelving has been put up in the office and utility room, not to mention specially worked shelves to make the most of all the space in the kitchen. And all this done in between fixing doors and general maintenance at Trinity church. Chris even found time to make a neat brass hook for the tea towel!

A few jobs for others (shelving and curtain rails) is also the start of a side-line as general handyman. Give us a call for any small jobs that need doing round the home.