At Fried Snowball We are fixers of broken things

We care for your broken items and make them usable once more

Guernsey Care takers and craft makers

What can we repair?

We repair anything from pan handles to chair backs, drawers and metal frames.
In today’s throw-away society we are far too quick to get rid of items that have minor faults, rather than repairing them. Here at Fried Snowball we love to extend your item’s life-span by taking the time and using our expertise to repair broken things.

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Well, here’s a quick update – it works!! Please excuse the background music – Radio 2 in the afternoon at its’ best!  

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BBQ Season

if you’re like us you’ll be fed up with this rain and dreaming of the summer and barbecues. Having built a new BBQ and a smoker over the last 2 years, I thought I’d tackle a gas griddle. Having seen one in action at New Wine last year, I thought ‘I can do that’. So…

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Repairs and Little Doors

I don’t know about you but there always seems to be something that needs repairing. Maybe you keep putting it off but it gets to a point where you just have to do it! Well my son’s windscreen wiper was like that. And with all the rain it couldn’t wait! After a quick look I…

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