At Fried Snowball We are fixers of broken things

We care for your broken items and make them usable once more

Guernsey Care takers and craft makers

What can we repair?

We repair anything from pan handles to chair backs, drawers and metal frames.
In today’s throw-away society we are far too quick to get rid of items that have minor faults, rather than repairing them. Here at Fried Snowball we love to extend your item’s life-span by taking the time and using our expertise to repair broken things.

Latest From The Blog

Wind Direction

Both my granddad and dad made weather vanes and Chris has decided to keep up the tradition. His first one is entitled Calvary. It’s made from stainless steel and is just about finished apart from the final polish. I’m told the secret is in the ‘ball bearing and some grease’ – this is what keeps…

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The Good Life

I mentioned the Good Life on the last blog post. Well we were given an old rotavator a while ago which hadn’t worked for a long time. Chris took it apart, cleaned the fuel system and made a lovely new fuel tap from some old brass fittings. Hey presto, with the help of some clean…

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Chicken Run

  One of the things we were keen on doing once we moved was growing some veg and keeping chickens. The rest of the family are now calling us Tom and Barbara (the Good Life for those too young to get that straight away!  Well we had some success with the veg this year but…

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