At Fried Snowball We are fixers of broken things

We care for your broken items and make them usable once more

Guernsey Care takers and craft makers

What can we repair?

We repair anything from pan handles to chair backs, drawers and metal frames.
In today’s throw-away society we are far too quick to get rid of items that have minor faults, rather than repairing them. Here at Fried Snowball we love to extend your item’s life-span by taking the time and using our expertise to repair broken things.

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A re-purposed van?

We couldn’t have moved without the van bought cheaply for that purpose. We’re also on very good terms with the staff at Longue Hougue recycling – what a great place it is! Talking of vans brings us to an old Luton van bought a few years ago to move one of our boys back to…

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Moving House

Moving, especially in the summer, is not something to be recommended! After 27 years in one place it is truly amazing how much stuff (ours and everyone else’s it seems) accumulates. We got into a routine – Rose packing, Chris moving. Our main problem now is fitting the contents of a 3 bedroom house, with…

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Welcome to Fried Snowball

So Fried Snowball? What’s in a name and what’s that all about? More on the name later but firstly Fried Snowball. It’s a dream and a journey we’d like to share with you and invite you to join us in. We (Chris and Rose) love to make things and especially to fix and repair things…

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