A very, very old rotavator that hadn’t run for many years came in. I cleaned the fuel system and made a new fuel tap for the tank from some old brass fittings, after some clean petrol, it was running beautifully.


We were taking our camper van away and knew we would need to charge our various phone and tablets, so I fitted these charging sockets. They all worked well, no flat devices.


A broken table leg fitting came in. It was too far gone to repair, so I made a new one. I got to use lots of toys on this….the lathe, plasma cutter and TIG welder.

New Hinges

A hinge from a boat hatch came in broken. It was plastic. So I made some new ones from stainless steel. They fitted a treat and work beautifully.

Repairs & Fixes

All might not be lost for your old and tired items. Please get in touch if you have something that you would like repairing or you think that can be fixed.

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